Shaykh Murtaza Ahmed Lakha



ABTV - Tribute to Shaykh Murtaza Ahmed Lakha

Syed Ammar Nakshawani - Tribute to Shaykh Murtaza Ahmed Lakha

Below is a small sample of tributes received from the worldwide community in respect of Shaykh Murtaza Ahmed Lakha.

“His services to the community can never be quantified nor appreciated. He was one of the backbones of the World Khoja community and would go to every length to ensure the unity of the community is maintained. I can't remember him saying NO whenever asked to recite a majlis, dua, serve nyaz, help the community with legal affairs etc.”

“He was a remarkable man with many positive attributes, he was very knowledgeable, intelligent and articulate; a man who was Dhakir-e-Imam Hussein (as) and continuously sought to guide and advise all those who would hear him. He was always approachable and made time for people, he treated all those whom he met with utmost courtesy and respect, regardless of their ages or background. He gravitated people around him not only through his knowledge and intellect but also his humility and the manner in which he conducted himself.”

“Throughout his life he contributed enormously to the community whether in the form of his wise counsel or in obtaining school places for children of our community in Dar es salaam (where people are still appreciative of his contribution) or the books that he translated into English or in the many years of service to the message of Imam Hussein(A.S), sharing his knowledge, wisdom and analysis to all, far and wide.”

“To us, he was all the above, but also a fatherly figure, a shining beacon whose example was and is to be emulated. We, like you and many others, will miss him deeply.”

“Murtaza was a dynamic person full of vigour and enthusiasm. He was very much a family man, but also spread his love and affection to his extended family, friends, colleagues and to Khoja Shia Ithnaasheri Jamat.”

“He led a remarkably busy professional social, cultural and family life but never failed to part religious teachings, performance of majlises, translation of various religious books that can only be described as exceptional.”

“Marhum was a successful barrister, a renowned speaker, a scholar, a social worker and Zakir-e-Imam Hussein (a.s.). His demise is a big loss to the Shia community worldwide.”

“There are few words one can share to console you and indeed it is the entire community’s loss but I am sure you take solace from the legacy he has left. Being called back in the days of Ayyame-Fatimiyyah is a testament of his relentless service to the Chief of the Ladies and her holy household.”

“Marhum was a fund of knowledge & his discourses in English at Bandra Khoja Masjid (Mumbai, India) every year during Muharram imparted wisdom we craved for. His dedication towards imparting Islamic knowledge & his discourses will be remembered by us very fondly.”

“Marhum Murtaza Ahmed Abdulrasul Lakha was well known to us as Barrister Lakha, we remember him as he was the only Khoja who used to recite majlis in Gujarati.”

“Momineen of Bangalore offers their condolences on the sad and untimely demise of Alhaj Khateeb Murtaza Lakha Sahib. His loss is irreparable not only for the family members but to the entire Shia community. The momineen of Bangalore have achieved a lot of knowledge from his lectures during the month of Muharram. We pray to Allah SWT to give him the highest place in Jannat.”

“He was a very good man and a role model for many of us and a true lover of the Ahle-bait. His sermons were always inspiring, and his narrative of the events leading to Karbala will stay with us until we meet him again, inshallah. May the Purified Ones welcome him in paradise.”

“Similarly, he has assisted many in the community who could not afford fees to defend their cases in the court in Tanzania including myself. I have nothing to repay him but pray for him.”

“Murtaza Lakha was part of the fabric of many communities around the world where he went to recite majaalis and we were all immensely proud and grateful for the work he has done in Azadari of Imam Hussein (as). He stood for the notion that the common good of the community lay in serving Allah and that the needs of our community should be met through collective responsibility.”

“Indeed, Marhum was a very valuable worker with candour and sincerity, which matched with his spirit of optimism. He served with sincerely with his heart. He was leader with a vision and he left no stone unturned to bring progress to the community.”

“It is not easy to find words to express the feeling of sorrow at the passing away of a friend, among other things, since Zanzibar days. Despite the talent, the personality and high esteem in which he was held, Marhum has always been humble, cheerful and courteous to one and sundry. But the most memorable of all is the marhum's dedication, devotion and unflinching loyalty to The Ahlul Bait A S. I have been listening to his lectures at Stanmore on the internet and he has always been refreshing, convincing and educative and that I will miss most. As I write this note of condolence, many a memory come flooding back. He was truly a great man, a real muhib of Ahlul Bait AS and advocate for the cause of Hadhrat Fatimatu Zahraa AS on the date of whose shahadah, he also passed away. The Lady will be his shafi'i no doubt.”

“There is much to be said on death, but while we grieve, and grieving is natural, we have to be cognisant of His Love to his creatures and specifically to the ones that have accepted the message and loved the ones He ordered us to love. Marhum was one that not only loved the Aimma (AS) but was active in propagating, defending and standing firm in the message and the love and wilayat of the Aimma (AS). We take a lesson from the Marhum and pray for him to be granted a place with the Aimma (AS).”

“I have always known Murtaza-Bhai as a thorough gentleman, deeply sensitive to the condition of the less fortunate fellow human being and exceedingly generous at alleviating their plight.”